BYD has become one of the world’s largest rechargeable battery manufacturers, becoming the leading Ebus supplier in Europe. With headquarters in China, BYD has chosen the Netherlands to supply a full range of electric vehicles. To optimize the delivery of these green cars, buses and forklifts, BYD has selected the Belgian software product WACSonline for Parts Management.

In October, BYD was on Busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. BYD is very succesful with green energy as focal point in the corporate vision. BYD is a leading Ebus supplier in Europe and also specialized in IT, automotive and new energy fields. Today BYD is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the Chinese auto industry and a worldwide pioneer in new energy vehicles.

Cloud and green

To optimize the performance of ‘green’ transactions within the company, BYD looked for an innovative software vendor who also thinks green. BYD looked and found  WACSonline, a fully web-based platform and in the cloud. After the Flemish Transport Company De Lijn, BYD is again a major player in the automotive sector within WACSonline’s customer base. Modern companies select digital solutions in the  cloud… and that is exactly what the Belgian software company Transport Care, the proud owner of WACSonline, stands for.

WACSonline provides an online platform in the cloud for large carriers and small garages. Planning, workshop, parts and fleet management modules are available in different packages. More information can be found at www.wacsonline.com.

Jan de Jong