The Belgian (Flemish) Transport Company De Lijn has chosen WACSonline for her 9 locations in the province Flemish Brabant. The staff of the ‘Rolling Equipment Division’ was right away charmed by the design and user-friendliness of our planning board. But, there is more…

De Lijn was looking for a central planning platform for her 9 workshops in Flemish Brabant and found WACSonline !

Our offer was evaluated on the basis of price, compatibility with the RFP, user-friendliness and long-term integration capabilities. A battle which was won by WACSonline.

Web-based and cloud

De Lijn eventually choose for WACSonline out of the remaining shortlist. Decisive was that WACSonline is built according to the newest technologies, rules of modern digitization being a web-based platform, with central information in the cloud. This was offered next to the requirements of process handling, user-friendliness and price.. Finally, the flexible integration capabilities pulled them all over the line.

No end point

Furthermore, the generic passport concept –unique per vehicle – and the built-in and automated notifications generator and manager, met the basic requirement for automated central planning. Meaning that WACSonline provides the requested central planning with controlled assignment of services to the different workshops. Each workshop can than manage the local planning on mechanic level.

With WACSonline, De Lijn really gets on the bus (and tram) to the future, and we are already enthusiastic to roll out our software package to the other provinces.

Also eager to learn more about the possibilities of our planning software or WACSonline in general?

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