Our slogan “success through communication” means that we are transparent with our clients. It is almost the end of the year and we were curious about the feedback from the ‘users’ of WACSonline. The evaluation resulted in some important conclusions, very important for us to give a better service. And we will start a usergroup.

BewertungSeventy percent is generally satisfied or very satisfied with WACSonline. They give the same score to our helpdesk. But most importantly we found the score we received on the question: will our customers WACSonline recommend to others? 88% replied ‘yes’. A great motivation to do even better next year. After all, we go for 100%!

That’s why we asked too what could be improved. We will first discuss this internally of course. But the comments from our customers about the effectiveness of WACSonline, we publish gladly 🙂

That can be logged in everywhere and always, is a big plus for all. Also the overview, working realtime, convenience and the all-in-one aspect are very important for our clients. Lastly, they are very satisfied about our unique pricing. It’s not userbased and you pay per transaction. For many it is a pleasant introduction of invoicing.

This evaluation is a great motivation to do better in 2016. We will repeat this with our customers and also launch an usergroup.

Jan de Jong