Big Chinese car manufacturer goes for WACS


BYD has become one of the world’s largest rechargeable battery manufacturers, becoming the leading Ebus supplier in Europe. With headquarters in China, BYD has chosen the Netherlands to supply a full range of electric vehicles. To optimize the delivery of these green cars, buses and forklifts, BYD has selected the Belgian software product WACSonline for […]

Join De Lijn today on the bus to the future!


The Belgian (Flemish) Transport Company De Lijn has chosen WACSonline for her 9 locations in the province Flemish Brabant. The staff of the ‘Rolling Equipment Division’ was right away charmed by the design and user-friendliness of our planning board. But, there is more… De Lijn was looking for a central planning platform for her 9 […]

Breda frontrunner in efficient fleet management


Breda, with its 180.000 population the third largest municipality in West-Brabant (The Netherlands), however they might be the most efficient when it comes to fleet management. “Ever since our new fleet management module has been integrated, it’s proven to be a large improvement as far as operational and financial observation is concerned, both internally and externally”, […]

Make cloud access a global basic right


Like water and electricity It’s as if we lost our hands past Tuesday, those couple of hours without Twitter. People joked about it, the Twitter outage was grist to the mill of the cloud-opposition. However, what if we made access to the cloud a basic right, such as water and electricity? “It’s bound to happen”, […]

What our customers think about WACSonline


Our slogan “success through communication” means that we are transparent with our clients. It is almost the end of the year and we were curious about the feedback from the ‘users’ of WACSonline. The evaluation resulted in some important conclusions, very important for us to give a better service. And we will start a usergroup. […]

What if … the drone takes over


For now we use them as a ‘toy’, but experiments with drones to deliver packages are in progress. Amazon is testing in the USA, DHL in Germany and Swiss Post in Switzerland. And Google is developing an own drone. They are convinced deliveries will be much faster, cheaper and above all more environmentally friendly. This […]