Breda, with its 180.000 population the third largest municipality in West-Brabant (The Netherlands), however they might be the most efficient when it comes to fleet management. “Ever since our new fleet management module has been integrated, it’s proven to be a large improvement as far as operational and financial observation is concerned, both internally and externally”, says Dolf Brinkmans, Information-manager of the Dutch municipality’s  Corporate Administration.

Since 2012, we have been able to consider our northern neighbors from Breda as a loyal and satisfied customer. They use our tools intensively, something we were able to witness once more, when we visited them the first week of February.

Dolf“I am very satisfied with our cooperation with Transport Care and the product WACSonline as a whole”, says Brinkmans, “We have a very varying fleet, from light to heavy. Our waste management service is also a part of the system and we are considering the addition of waste containers. WACSonline’s fleet management module has proven to be a major improvement in terms of operational and financial observation.”

User-friendliness is also a point Dolf likes to emphasize, “My colleagues like working with the tools, it saves them a lot of email and phone traffic. This means that work efficiency and time management goes up, which is something every employer strives towards.” Aside from the fleet management module, Breda also uses our reservation software, “It gives us a better insight in availability and costs”,
Dolf concludes.